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Our Story

The LYFS company idea started not long after our company’s founder lost his only daughter / child when she passed away at 4 years old. Facing the most excruciating pain that anyone could face, the unconditional and physical love that he felt for his daughter was instantly taken from him.


This vast empty hole of love that exists had no place it could fit, no matter how hard he tried. There was no child to give this love that he had given to his sweet princess. So, he decided he would take that love and place it back inside of himself (as a place holder) until he could possibly have another child that he could try to place some of that love back into.


Hence the meaning and the bold connotation behind the company’s name / acronym.  Although most people could never comprehend what our company founder goes through on a daily basis, neither can our company comprehend what anyone else goes through.


So, all in all, the reason why the company was started isn’t what we really want you to focus on. We want you to focus on your own LYFS and what it means to you when you wear it.




Wooden Hut


Our mission is 100 % in our acronym and logo.

Our company name spells out our company mission and our mission spells out our company vision.



We put our vision on every piece of clothing we make.


14% of all purchases will go towards a children's pediatric transplant foundation.

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